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The Green Deal offers householders and businesses the opportunity to make energy efficiency improvements to their property at no upfront cost.

Green Deal is a Government programme that Tameside Energy Services is proud to support. It gives you the chance to make significant improvements to the energy efficiency of your home at no upfront cost.

So how does the Green Deal work?

You can get a range of energy efficiency improvements, such as wall or loft insulation, solar panels, double glazing and central heating upgrades, which will reduce the energy you use and lower your energy bill.

Green Deal uses the money saved on your energy bill to pay for these measures.  As a result, Green Deal is a loan.  However, it is a loan with a couple of distinct differences.

  • The loan is attached to your electricity meter. This means that the repayments will always be made by the person benefitting from the energy efficiency improvements.
  • It's an unsecured loan at secured loan rates.

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What Tameside Energy Services offers as a Green Deal Installer

InstaGroup is one of the initial 22 "pioneer" Green Deal providers.  As a pioneer Green Deal Provider, we will be offering access to Green Deal as soon as it is launched.  We will be responsible for making sure you get the very best from Green Deal including

  • Impartial advice from fully qualified Green Deal Assessors.
  • Access to low cost finance from The Green Deal Finance Company.
  • All work carried out by the Snug Network, the UK's largest network of independent certified businesses operating in their local communities.
  • All work is fully backed by independent warranties to give you that all important protection and peace of mind.

Can I get Green Deal improvements in my home?

To find out whether Green Deal works for you, we need to carry out a full independent energy assessment of your home, resulting in an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This will outline what energy efficiency improvements can be made to your home, what the likely cost will be and what savings to your fuel bill can be expected. It will show if any energy efficiency improvements can be financed on a pay as you save basis through Green Deal.

How will it affect my finances?

The "golden rule" at the heart of Green Deal ensures that you will only be offered energy efficiency improvements if the cost of repayments is lower than the savings being achieved. This ensures that you are protected and that your energy bills will not increase (unless energy prices go up or you change your energy usage).

Getting the funds

InstaGroup will provide you with access to the lowest cost finance available through The Green Deal Finance Company (TGDFC). InstaGroup are founder members of TGDFC, a not for profit organisation that provides equal access to low cost finance. We will make all of these arrangements following our initial survey on a completely free no obligation basis. For more information on how you can access Green Deal, please contact us on 0800 093 0998.

Further Impartial advice is available at:

a. The Green Deal Code of Practice (version 3)
b. Energy Saving Trust
c. Care and Repair
d. Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body
e. Green Deal Energy Saving for your Home and Business


Reg. No. NICIC00004 *Cavity wall insulation, Cylinder thermostats, Draught proofing, External wall insulation systems, Gas-fired condensing boilers, Heating controls (for wet central heating system and warm air system), Hot water controls (including timers and temperature control), Internal wall insulation (of external walls) systems, Loft or rafter insulation (including loft hatch insulation), Under-floor insulation

Reg. No. NICIA00114 *Domestic


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